Affordable Products + FREE Shipping (The Mint n Mask Secret)

When you shop with us, you’ll notice that 4 things are particularly different:

  1. We offer FREE shipping for only spending $30 (and if you do spend less that that, it’s just a flat rate of $5!)
  2. Our prices are ridiculously affordable
  3. Delivery times take a little longer (usually 2-5 weeks)
  4. Your items will arrive separately

So you’re probably not complaining or wondering about #1 or #2, but you might be curious about #3 and #4, so let us do some explaining.

We ship directly from our manufacturers around the globe to get our products to you. We don’t have a warehouse, we don’t hold stock, we don’t repackage. This means that there are BIG SAVINGS which we are then able to pass on to you!

Costs we eliminate

Costs we eliminate:

  • Storage facility costs ($$$)
  • Storage insurance costs ($$$)
  • Additional delivery costs ($$$)
  • Additional handling costs ($$$)
  • Re-organisation/repackaging costs ($$$)

With Mint n Mask, we take a little bit longer to get our products to you, but we’re able to do it at a much better price.

For more information, please check out our Delivery & Returns page.

Happy shopping and thank you for choosing mint n mask, we’re here to serve you (and to make you look beautiful)!